1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

You're getting down to the last couple of cards in the deck, and while you haven't really counted anybody's points, you're pretty sure you're doing well. It's time to use those cards in your hand to their fullest potential to close the game with your best effort--but first, you need something with a little more oomph. Draw your card--whether it's a point value, or a weird effect, or even an all powerful blank, you're pretty sure you could work it into...

Curses and fie, it's a Useless Card.

The Useless Card is remarkably common for something so useless. Note that this isn't a card with insane requirements or a nuttily specific range or just has a piddling effect or value, it is designed to be useless. It could be a cartoon without anything meaningful attached to it, or a card that gives you +0 points, or maybe it's honest about it and just tells you that it doesn't do anything. Some are particular thorns and have long, complicated equations or rules to puzzle out that, once deduced, do exactly... well, you can imagine.

However, keep in mind that this is 1000 Blank White Cards! If you have a blank in your hand and two brain cells to knock together, No Card Is Useless! That +0 card? What if you made it so all + signs meant multiply? That incredibly tangled equation? How about you gain 200 points for every parenthesis? That isolated cartoon? "If you have a picture of a dinosaur in front of you, you cannot lose turns." Even that card that proclaims itself to be useless would be ideal for dead weight; trade it for something in another player's hand.


Click for answer; but you can probably reason it out without math.