1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

Let's say you've played 1k a few times, enough to get a feel for the game and it's mechanics. You know blanks are very powerful, while +100,000,000 point cards put a target on your back, so the more experienced player might ask "What tactics can I employ to make the game easier to win?"

Small Plays[]

These are typically tactics used on a small enough scale to not assure victory, but to serve more as tools to help you win the game.

Mega Distraction[]

Mega-Point cards are obvious targets for players, because if they are left alone without intervention, the player who owns it will simply win. We can exploit this by purposefully gifting one of our opponents this card which now makes it their problem to try and keep. This distracts everyone away from what you're doing, mainly because a Mega-Point card (or any other valuable game piece) is more immediately enticing to fight over than whatever you're doing. Just make sure that you can win before the game ends, or have some backup in case that distraction is still out and your plans failed.

Impenetrable Prison[]

So, you opponent plays a card. A stupid card. A really really dumb card, which guarantees that they cannot lose the game. Well, that's not too bad, except for the fact that they're hoddled up inside of their impenetrable fortress, which doesn't allow any of their cards to leave their possession. One way to defeat such a foe is to turn it on its' head: Create a really simple card, something such as Enlightenment, which has the text "While you have this card, if there are no other cards in your play area you win the game. Otherwise, you cannot win the game." Now then, the play is simple, generously play this into your opponent's play area, and watch as their Impenetrable Fortress becomes an Impenetrable Prison.


The cards in your play area aren't the best. You don't have much more than point cards. However, you know that if you steal your opponent's cards, it could lead into a Counter War, and no one wants that. The solution isn't apparent at first, but to control your opponent's card, you simply need to clone them. This could be as simple as a 1 off copying of a card, or as powered as creating one each turn. Generally, cloning cards should have some restriction to it, lest it either be suck-worthy or cause unforseen effects.

The Suck Box[]

The obvious play is to steal things from the suck box. Don't do that. The less obvious play is to use the one way nature of the suck box, cards can go in rather easily while it takes great effort to not make suck-worthy cards that take things out.

Suck Box as Exile[]

Your opponent is getting ready to play some over-the-top combo and they already have some cards with massive synergy out. One idea is to make them discard it. No good, they have "One Man's Trash" which allows them to play stuff from the discard pile. Well what if you sent it to the suck box, never to be seen again? It is improbable that they would be able to get that game piece back and ultimately win. Another idea is to use something on the suckboxed card, perhaps a point gain or an ability, which would be outlined on the card which did the suckboxing. For example, you could have Vampire Fang, which states "Suckbox target card. During your turn, you may choose to gain 1/5th of any points on that card." As a note, if a card refers to a suckboxed card this way, it is good form to keep the card around (usually underneath the suckboxing card) to refer to more easily.

Suck Box as Blinking[]

You have a card that says "Whenever this enters your play area, gain 100 points." It's a rather ordinary point card, nothing too special, right? Suppose you were able to have it enter your play area multiple times, and it's not too long before you discover blinking, or "suck box a card and return it to play area it came from." Blinking can be instantaneous, where it exits then immediately returns, or it can be delayed, where it returns at a later point in time such as the end of your turn. The main benefit to using the suck box for this is that your opponents can't easily steal it from the suck box while it's waiting to return to the play area. Relatedly, you could create a jail-like card, which keeps a target card suckboxed until the jail-like card itself is destroyed, after which the suckboxed card is returned.

Big Plays[]

The Cake Bomb[]

(This is taken directly from this article)

Probably the simplest of them all, and thus the easiest to set up, the Cake Bomb method is, however, limited in its usefulness when the win condition has changed. It's also likely to be immensely annoying to the other players if you use it too much.

It works like this: You first create a card that adds a large and considerable amount of points, but not large enough to make it turn into a Giant Red HIT ME Target. Say, 1000-20000. The important part is that the card must say that the points must be awarded AT THE END OF THE GAME.

It's perfect. This single card is likely to be seen as unimportant by the other players.

Then, to pull it off, you simply play a Rezero when there are no blanks left in the deck. Most likely, everyone will end with a near-zero score while you have the 1000-20000 you got from the card earlier.