1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

Slot Machine Cards are cards that require luck-based outcomes. Examples include flipping coins, rolling dice, or basing results on the next card drawn from the deck. This is one of the ways that 1000 Blank White Cards loses strategy quickly.


These cards come in a variety of types, such as the following:

Any card which involves the rolling of a die, flipping of a coin, or usage of a random number generator.

Any card which depends on another card being in the deck, someone's hand, discard pile, on the table, or even in the Suck Box to function in a certain way. See Combination Card

Any card which requires the player to have other possessions, such as a certain amount of money in his/her pocket or a certain amount of cards in his/her hand.

Any card which involves the player guessing a certain number or object with a limited amount of questions.


Slot Machine Cards are by design unreliable, however they are still useful to those gamblers out there.

A card with a hefty penalty for any unlikely enough condition not being fulfilled is a great way to set your opponents back.

Any little risk but various or valuable reward cards are more than likely a good choice.

If there are a lot of players at the table, playing a little Russian roulette which causes a player to be eliminated can reduce the number of players you have to worry about to either be 1 less, or down to 0.