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As part of its master plan to dominate and warp the minds of children, Nintendo released a trading card game to go along with the video games, movies, and every other possible consumer product. Being aimed at kids, the game is simpler than some other CCG's, but sometimes that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Did you have one of these when you were little?

The Pokémon TCG (official name, I believe) revolves around monster combat; the first person to defeat 6 of their opponents' monsters, or all of their monsters on the field, wins. Players mostly play Pokémon (Monster) Cards, then evolve them by placing a badder evolution stage of that monster on top of them. They can also play Trainer Cards, which have miscellaneous helpful effects. The main resource management is the wrangling of different types of Energy Cards, which come in a variety of colors, and power up the Pokemon's attacks.

The Pokemon TCG uses mechanics such as: