1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

A Point Card is by far the most common card in any deck. Sometimes they even make up 60% of the deck!

They either add or subtract a definite number of points. For example, "+1200 points", "-350 points", and the absolutely most common of all, "+100 points", are all Point Cards.

Note that most 1kBWC decks ought to keep a certain ratio of Point Cards to Effect Cards; Effect Cards aren't much good without cards to manipulate, and playing only with Point Cards can get tedious.

The way cards work varies between games. In some forms, cards add an amount to the player's scoresheet, meaning if the card is later removed the score isn't, while in others, particularly forms which don't use scoresheets, the card actually represents the points themselves.


  • Point Cards that use ludicrously large numbers are known as Mega-Point Cards.
  • The opposite of the above falls under the Useless Plus One Card's domain.
  • They may also award or subtract points based on other parameters, such as the current time, the amount of money in a player's wallet, or anything suchlike.