1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

An Object Card is simply any object that a player creates on a card, then plays in front of them. An Object does not have to do anything, but it may trigger actions (e.g. The person who has the Chocolate draws 2 cards) or rules. In rare cases, it may cause victory after changing the goal of the game.

Types of Object Cards[]

Object Cards include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Monster Cards
  • Any card which has no effect, but is in visible possession of a player (like Keepers in Fluxx)
  • Any card which is visibly in a player's possession, and grants extra actions during their turn. (e.g. The Car: Whoever has this card in front of them may draw 2 extra cards per turn.)
    • Fish Minions: You may steal 200 points or 1 card per 15 minutes.
  • Any card which acts as a trigger to rules, and is placed face-up or face-down on the table.