1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

Numerical Modifiers are cards that change all of the numbers in play in some way. These cards not only cover Absolute Value Cards and Sign Changes, but also a number of new rules that may come into play. A number of examples of common cards without their own pages follow.  Numerical Modifiers may affect strictly Point Cards, strictly other numbers, or both, but they affect a large number of cards by their nature.

Inflation and Deflation[]

Inflation is a rule, originating in Fluxx, which states that every numeral seen is treated as that number plus one. X=X+N is a common setup, usually to increase the total amount of points per card by N. This also can affect rules, though- Draw 5 will be Draw 6, and "If you have 4 cards in your hand" becomes "If you have 5 cards..." A less common variant is Deflation, where any numeral X becomes X-1. Deflation is much more difficult to play correctly, since it can actually stop gameplay altogether. ("Play 1 card per turn" becomes "Play 0 cards per turn," and "You may have a maximum of 0 cards in your hand" becomes "You may have a maximum of -1 cards in your hand.") Usually, careful players will put in text to prevent situations where zero cards per turn are played.


Standardization is a type of rule in which any number will be replaced by N. Usually N is 3 or something that will not interrupt actions or other rules. This causes all point cards to have the same value, and any limits on hand size, pool size, drawing, playing, or literally anything to become 3. This can cause some Related Action Cards to become terrible or unusual plays- "Take 3 more turns after you finish these three" is one of the most bizarre. This also puts an effective cap on Mega-Point Cards, since all points are the same value. (Note that multiplying points by 3^(3^(3^(3^3...))) is still possible, as is giving yourself Graham's number of points, as it is usually written with only 3's and tetration towers, with a lone 64.)