1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

A Munchkin is a type of player that seeks to win at any cost, in as many ways as possible, and preventing all other players from doing same. Munchkin Play is therefore a playing style that is freakishly competitive, especially when applied to this game. The word "play" is a misnomer in this respect, because it denotes enjoyment and lightheartedness; try mentally replacing it with something like "method of operations." When using Competitive Rules, Munchkin Play occurs frequently.

The Basic Facts[]

  • Munchkin play involves bending the rules, or sometimes just doing something soul-crushingly cheap, to win the game as easily as possible.
  • It's difficult to counter, but can be tripped up by creativity, just like pretty much everything in this game.
  • It's really, really irritating.


  • I Win Cards and You Lose Cards are probably the first things a Munchkin thinks of when they realize the possibilities of making your own cards.
  • Any boring, basic strategy for acquiring horrendous amounts of points; Megapoint Cards, cards that multiply scores by a large amount (large here meaning greater than five, really), cards that award points for basic, common actions, etc.
  • Let's say you have 8750 points and the opponent has 3200 points. Using the last blank in the deck, they create a +5551 card. This is especially frustrating because it's perfectly legal (without some sort of limit, that is) and you can't do anything to stop it. This particular tactic is likely to cause Runaway Number Inflation.
  • Taking advantage of the other players at every opportunity, like backstabbing, locking down abilities, stealing cards...
  • Being overly competitive in general. A game that ends on turn one with a no nonsense combination of two cards that win the game is no fun. (Try using an incredibly convoluted combo of vaguely interacting cards when everyone is getting tired of the game instead).