Mega-point Cards are cards that award or subtract points of a mind-staggering amount. It's not uncommon to see ±150,000,000, ± One Marzillion, or even ± ∞ cards when point limits, such as the 1000 Point Limit, are not in place. The appearance of Mega-point Cards is usually a bad sign, as the game can degrade into a numerical arms race, which can quickly get ludicrous once logical math notation is exhausted. However, these cards have a large disadvantage, even when not banned or discouraged; they function as Giant Red HIT ME Targets, prompting all players not benefiting from them to do their utmost to remove them.


  • A slightly less obvious version of the Mega-point card is a card that multiplies the user's score by a smaller-but-still-ridiculous amount. "Multiply your score by a thousand" or even "Multiply your score by a million" cards are not uncommon.
  • As a sort of meta-variant, "Add X zeroes to the end of your score". You can then make a card that says X=1000, and suddenly you have 10 tritregintillion centillion more points than you had before. At this point, you're going to have to prove to other players how much larger your ridiculous numbers are compared to theirs, which is a bit of an uphill battle.

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