1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

This page keeps track of the various forms of cards. Keep in mind two things: Firstly, that there are multiple categorisation systems; some people may divide cards differently based on things that /happen/, like Related Action Cards, and things that /exist/, like most non-effects. Secondly, a card can easily have multiple effects and/or non-effects that will make it fit into multiple radically different categories of cards; for instance, a card that gives you the power (Rule Card) to pay some form of points (Point Card) to protect cards in your pool from being discarded (Backup Copy).

Effect Cards[]

Card Manipulation Cards[]

Blank White Card

Turn Manipulation Card

Related Action Cards

Unrelated Action Cards

Rule Card

Backup Copy

Trap Card

I Win Card

You Lose Card

Goal Card

Rock Card

Metagame Card

Hazard Card

Non-Effect Cards[]

Score-based Cards[]

Point Card


Sign Change

Absolute Value Card

1000 Point Limit

Other Non-Effects[]

Object Card

Creativity Contingent Cards

1227486646 Point Limit

Card Features[]

These are game mechanics that may appear in cards, but they can be combined with pretty much every other card type so it's impossible to categorize them.

Brain Card

Combination Card

Creeper Card

Giant Red HIT ME Targets

Hero Card

Reverse Continuity Card

Slot Machine Cards

Sneaker card