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A Kwyjibo is a move on a Brain Card that would normally be considered cheating. Such actions are extremely common on cards which force a person to come up with words.


This move has its origins in Scrabble where players would frequently make large, non-permitted combinations of letters to play on the board as "words". The name comes from The Simpsons; Bart made the move, and made many points as a result. In 1000 Blank White Cards, any attempt at a false answer to a question or card which requires intelligence, knowledge, or memory is a Kwyjibo, and it is not limited to cards based on Scrabble or other word games.

Kwyjibo Words[]

Kwyjibo words are frequently used when multiple rare consonants, such as Q, J, X, Z, or K, are required to be used in a word for the most beneficial outcome. Also, if rare letters are given point values, a Kwyjibo move will be more common. However, if common letters are given arbitrarily and inexplicably high point values, there is less of a chance of a Kwyjibo. Some variants add all Kwyjibos to the "dictionary", so that a certain Kwyjibo can also be used against you in a later card.