1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

This theory describes the tendency of independent card collections to contain extraordinarily similar cards. However, this is not plagiarism; the cards often reference different things, or have vastly different wording, they are just functionally (and occasionally thematically) similar. In full, the theory is worded as such:

"Unrelated card lineages can acquire the same ludological traits and thematic traits independently."

Note, however, that this definition is very different from Professor Ickbweck's original wording, which is as follows:

"If I had a dollar for every time somebody came up with an absolute value card, I'd have a lot of money."


  • As the Prof illustrates above, cards that take the absolute value of scores or card values are some of the most abundant.
  • Cards regarding explosions are quite common. They often clear the entire field in some manner, through discarding or shuffling into the deck all cards in play, hands, or both. See Blast Card
  • Without fail, a deck will contain a card that multiplies point values by -1.
  • Communism-related cards; usually they involve sharing hands or the like.
  • Cards that imitate a standard 52-count playing card. Often don't do anything. Rarely is there a face card, since that requires a lot of drawing.
    • Out of my deck, I found 20 examples. They are: Ace of Pink Ibises, Protoplasmic Globule of Hearts(This one had an effect attached to it), 4 of Diamonds, Noob of Hearts, 0 of Diamonds, Noob of Clubs(later modified to give 50 points), 44 of hearts, Ace of Eclipses, 3^2 of Squares, 0 of Hearts(vandalised by Esnipplee to read "nothing at all BLAH."), 2^2 of Squares, 4 of mushrooms, 7 of stars, Ace of Pzards(This one had two copies), Ace of Mercury, Queen of Squid, Pi of Pies, 4 of Circles, and the 7 of Crosses. This went so over the top that somebody made a card that said, among other things, "The player with the best poker hand wins."
  • There is more than one deck out there that has a card that says "This card intentionally left blank".
  • With Fluxx players, Draw X is an extremely common rule, where X is anything you want it to be. 2,3,4,5, or the amount of times your favorite football team has won this year are all acceptable.
  • Regarding straight Point Cards, cards that add or subtract points in amounts of 666, 42, 1337, >9000, or any other number with some sort of (usually nerdy) significance are frequent. For examples, see 1000 Blank White Cards Numbers.
  • A lot of the simpler varieties of Card Manipulation Cards are very common.


  • Thanks to the popularity of Riff Conner's 1kBWC page, many decks contain a Stickman Genocide card. Since Riff only mentions the card, and doesn't show it, the accompanying picture can vary in detail and horror, but the title and effect are always extremely similar.