1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

Let's be frank: 1000 Blank White Cards can sometimes be a tough sell. Even if you grab at least two players who want to play some game in general, writing your own cards can seem like a lot of effort. Enter the Humiliation Card.

A specific type of Effect Card, Humiliation Cards are cards that force players to do things that do not relate to gameplay. This tend to be the funniest cards in the deck, and liberal doses are recommended.

One extremely common variant is the "Get Me a Drink" card, which should be self-evident. Other examples include: forcing pushups, making silly noises or changing speech patterns, and outright physical abuse. It's astounding what people will do when a piece of paper tells them to. Some of you more foresighted readers may worry what happens if the humiliation equivalent of a Counter War occurs. Sometimes, the fear of escalating retaliation causes players to back down, but more belligerent players may require an additional rule to keep them in line.

The Humiliation Card in its purest form does not relate to gameplay, but it could be used as another tool. Sometimes, a player may be forced to do something silly in order to balance a large point value, or maybe just to add insult to injury to a negative card. Maybe the aforementioned pushup card could reward points per pushup.

See Unrelated Action Cards for when the action isn't necessarily intended to humiliate.