1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

Goal Cards are a type of card that changes the objective of the game.  They have a wide range of popularity (with some games banning them outright, while others focus on changing the objective.)  They can usually be treated like Rule Cards

Types of Goal Cards[]

  • Usually, "whoever has the least points at the end wins" is the most common alternate goal.
  • Other point-related variants involve "whoever has the closest to zero" and "whoever has the closest to X without going over".
  • Sometimes, another currency will be established.  Don't be surprised if the goal says "Whoever has the most purple pony points wins".
  • There's always the Fluxx-inspired "Whoever gets Card X and Card Y first wins" or "Whoever has X in their possession wins".  This doesn't work too well here, since cards which end the game before the deck runs out are frowned upon.
  • The Fifteen-turn Double Reverse Snapback with Sprinkles can involve a bizarre goal, like "whoever has the most cards with X in the title at the end wins".
  • The largest/smallest pool, hand, etc. are often used as metrics in goals.
  • Ungoal cards say that everyone loses if a certain condition is met.  These also show up occasionally, usually as a form of enforcing the 1000 Point Limit or a similar rule.
  • Similarly, Nongoal cards eliminate a player from the game if they satisfy a condition.
  • I Win Cards and You Lose Cards can sometimes take the form of these.
  • Of course, somebody will make a card that changes the goal back to the standard point amount.