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Fluxx is a card game with changeable rules, designed by Looney Labs in 1996. The game has a fixed deck, but various expansions and versions allow for some degree of customization and variety. The chaotic rule structure and sense of humor are similar to 1kBWC. Some card game tenets that show up in Fluxx are:

  • Blank Cards: Yes, strangely enough. Looney Labs sells Fluxx Blanxx for about $2 for five, which have the standard backing and the Fluxx template pre-printed.
  • The Basics: Deck, Hand, Turn, you know. Honestly, it's more important if a game doesn't use one of these.
  • Rule Card: It's one of the five card types that define the game.
  • Creeper Card: Heck, this is where the page gets its name from.
  • Action Card: The game displayes them prominently as one of the four basic types of cards.

An additional principle of Fluxx (which is not present in most games of 1KBWC) is the ability to change the goal of the game. A Goal card is rarely played in 1KBWC, and in many cases it draws inspiration from this game (or ends the game prematurely as an I Win Card).