1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

While there is no doubt that 1000 Blank White Cards can lead to a rip-roaring good time (if you're one of those people who prefer staying home and playing games), for game design aficionados, it's a little too loose. Hence 1kBWC's little brother, Dvorak.

Dvorak differs from 1kBWC in a few ways: all decks have a theme (well, usually--sometimes the theme is that there is no theme), the cards are restricted to specific decks, and there's less of a focus on random humor and artwork, instead specializing in playability. The Cards are usually categorized into different sets, unlike the universal Point/Effect dynamic. Creating and playtesting a Dvorak deck is a little more similar, as new cards can be proposed and rules change, depending on how the players feel.

Dvorak also boasts a working online version of the game, and printable decks, found here.

However, the games are very compatible with each other; game variants that combine tendencies of both are common. 1kBWC can help stimulate creativity by adding a theme, and Dvorak can institute some Blank or Semi-Blank cards, for a little more spontaneity at the expense of airtight gameplay.