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An example of a 1kBWC Creeper Card.

A Creeper Card is any card which is instantly played when obtained. Unlike a Play Taker, Creeper Cards can be played at any time. Creeper Cards are usually placed in the deck before the game begins, but players may choose to play out-of-turn blanks using this type of card. Creeper Cards typically have negative effects, such as subtracting points, but may also serve as an outlet to gaining points out-of-turn.


The origins of the Creeper Card can be traced to Looney Labs's FLUXX. Fluxx (and variants such as Zombie Fluxx) had a system of automatically played cards called Creepers. These cards represented negative things, such as war, death, and taxes. A player was unable to win with a Creeper Card in front of him/her at any time (unless the rules or Goal allowed). Most Creeper Cards had set ways to eliminate them. The name is derived from it being a negative version of Fluxx's Keeper (an object played in-game).

Usage in 1KBWC[]

The usage of these types of cards in 1KBWC is quite rare compared to simply playing Negative Point cards on opponents. Part of the rarity is because the creation of negative effect Creeper Cards is pretty much limited to the Pregame phase; you technically could make one during the game, but that wouldn't be a very smart move. Additionally, some players may forbid out-of-turn play which may exist upon obtaining a Creeper. However, these cards are occasionally placed in the deck before the game starts, or used for positive purposes, such as gaining points. There have been no relatively famous examples of Creeper Cards from games of 1000 Blank White Cards.


  • Lose all your points, and then sneak this card back into the deck before your next turn. If you fail to do so on time, or are seen, lose a further 5000. This card has never actually been picked up, due to the fact that there are so many cards to pick from.