1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

1000 Blank White Cards is doubtless a very freeform game where randomness and spontaneous creativity are rewarded. However, this style of play is unsuitable for competitive, aggressive play. Competitive Rules are necessary when a game that holds some sort of structure and rewards strategy is wanted.

However, the card creation mechanic itself is the problem with these rules. While you can still make wholly new cards, and thus invent new actions, new mechanics, or just force a player to do something too personally humiliating to avoid losing 1000 points (repeat this strategy for every single blank you get), the game will never be a well-oiled competitive machine.

The Rules Themselves:[]

  1. Individual turns are under a time limit. This puts pressure on creating new cards and avoids waiting when a player attempts time-consuming actions, such as forced creation of cards and searching the deck/discard. A subset of this rule stats that no cards can create a delay longer than some period of time (such as waiting for turns, rolling dice, searching the deck). This includes cards that postpone the rest of the game.
  2. The amount of points a card can award or remove is limited. (See the 1000 Point Limit.)
  3. Gaining extra turns, drawing extra cards, and skipping turns are limited or prohibited. A player cannot gain more than X turns at a time, cause another player to lose X turns at once, and can only draw X cards maximum from the deck per turn. This is usually a rule applied to one certain card at a time; combinations of cards that would produce a similar effect are usually exempt.
  4. Conversely, limitations on the players' actions are themselves to be limited. Not being able to draw, play, or create cards is alright for a turn or two, but becomes aggravating beyond that. This also only applies to one card at a time.
  5. I Win Cards and You Lose Cards are prohibited. A corollary is that no card can end the game prematurely until the game has progressed far enough for all to feel satisfied. This includes cards prohibited by the main rule, as well as cards that drastically cut down on the card count (like causing everyone to draw crazy amounts of cards or switching the deck and discard early in the game).