1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

There comes a point in many games of 1KBWC where an overabundance of cards becomes problematic.

Global Clutter[]

Think the opposite of the Thermonuclear Card Winter. This is hideously annoying. Everyone may have 30+ cards in front of them.

Score Clutter[]

At some point, the increasing point values that come with an increasing card count turn 1KBWC into a exercise in maths. If it goes on long enough, score values fly into the hundreds of millions. Cue the inevitable Rezero.

Hand Clutter[]

Probably the most annoying variant is when the majority of cards are cards you really don't want to play. This can be a result of low standards for cards to be kept in the deck causing deck sizes to explode over 400.

Blank Hand Clutter[]

This variation is when all your cards are blank, so you need to create a lengthy delay in gameplay.