1000 Blank White Cards Wiki

A Card Manipulation Card is any card which moves around the other cards in play. It's a superset of Blast Card and Sniper Card.

It's a subset of Effect Card and one of the three main types of cards, the others being Weird Effects and Score-based Cards.

Common Types[]

Other than Blast Cards and Sniper Cards, cards which do any of the following are very common:

  • Play X more cards. (Sometimes has a different, more awesome effect attached to it if you don't have enough cards to play)
  • Discard X cards from your hand. (In a game that's full of cards that are boring but not quite suckworthy, these are pretty much a necessity. Also, this is subject to the same as above.)
  • Take X cards from in play back into your hand. This may cause an infinite-points paradox if X > 1. ("Retract")
  • Steal X cards from another player.
  • Removes all of one player's pool. (This does NOT fall under Stick Genocide. Those discriminate based on what's written on the cards, not where they are.)
  • Give another player any card. They may give you any card they want in return. ("Box Swap")
  • The inverse of the above. Take any card from another player and give them a different one of your cards in return. ("Nasti Swap")
  • A card that immediately discards all cards that touch it / allows everyone to, instead of playing a card, discard a card. Overlaps with Rule Card. ("Black Hole")
  • Cards that send cards to the Suck Box ("Eternal Torture")
  • Cards that revive cards from the Suck Box
  • Cards that are exchanged for cards in the Suck Box ("Revivify")
  • Take X cards from the discard pile.
  • Discard X cards from play.
  • Discard X cards from someone else's hand.
  • Discard all the cards you've played this game.
  • Swap the deck and discard pile .
  • Discard the X cards closest to this one once it's been played. ("Meteor Of Moderately Localized Destruction")
  • Draw X cards from the deck.
  • Put X cards from your hand back into the deck.
  • Put X cards that are in play back into the deck.
  • Take X cards from the box of excess blanks (I usually keep a smaller box next to the suck box to keep all the blanks I cut out but didn't use)
  • Give another player X cards, full stop.
  • Move X cards from one player's pool to another.

In all of these, X could be anything. 0,1, 2, 4, 50, 191, 65536, 1227486646, 48813402912077, or the amount of money in your wallet.