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1227486646 is a memetic numeral seen in 1000 Blank White Cards frequently. While the online coverage is lacking, 1000 Blank White Cards seems to be the main resource in this meme spreading.

Origins and History[]

The origins of this meme seem to be rooted in a site called Quiztron, used for making personality tests. The meme started when a user named PurpleCowGuy began arguing with a user named LifeIsGreat through a series of quiz comments. The conflict was about the "incorrect" quiz result on an Avatar: The Last Airbender quiz for PurpleCowGuy. The argument quickly became absurd- PurpleCowGuy posted several consecutive pages of comments; the vast majority reiterated the Avatar: The Last Airbender character Katara's name in various impractical settings. LifeIsGreat then closed her account, but only after several pages of public and private "real" arguing on several of her quizzes. The meme of 1227486646 began in one of the posts PurpleCowGuy created which bore Katara's name in base-36. It was later re-used in his "proof" (actually a joke) that Katara was better than the other characters on the show. Usage halted abruptly on the Internet when the meme's Wikipedia page was deleted as "fancruft", and its creator, Azazaqq, was likely banned. More recently, a user called Nosepass on Psypoke (a Pokémon fansite) found it and questioned about its mysterious meaning, only for a link to 1000 Blank White Cards Numbers. Another recent trend is that many groups of 1000 Blank White Cards fans have discovered PurpleCowGuy's argument and continue to spread the number 1227486646 through the 1KBWC community during gameplay.


The original meaning was "Katara", as defined by PurpleCowGuy, but it progressed into "Katara rocks" or "Katara is great" by the end of the argument. (It is worth noting that originally, 46485676 was included after the number, meaning "Rocks".) In 1000 Blank White Cards and other traditional games, it means "a number that is intentionally very large, so as to be humorously impractical." Many players are unaware that this 1000 Blank White Cards meme was originally about a Nickelodeon animation. It is also used in obvious replacements of 13, 108, or 666, but as a joke, since luck is not associated with the number.

Usage in 1000 Blank White Cards[]

1000 Blank White Cards is a game in which the number appears relatively frequently. However, its large value inhibits its usage in cards other than Mega-point cards. In addition to points, the "1227486646 Point Limit" is a rule type in which it is frequently used. There have been no famous examples of its usage from 1KBWC, since most of its cards have made the Suck Box as Mega-point Cards.