When the point of a 1000 Blank White Cards game is to amass as many points as possible, it doesn't take long for players to start creating larger and larger point values in an effort to outdo one another. The 1000 Point Limit is one method of curtailing runaway point inflation. Nominally, the 1000 Point Limit states that no card may have a value greater than positive 1000 or less than negative 1000--there is no real reason to prefer 1000 as a benchmark, but it does fit nicely with the name of the game. The 1000 Point Limit may manifest as a built-in rule, or as a specific card that enforces the standard. Even without limits, larger and larger point values are a really bad idea. You could also consider a 2000, 10,000 or 100,000 point limit. A Scaling Point Limit is an alternative.